FAQ about Charleston Exteriors Home Services | Charleston Exteriors LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Charleston Exteriors do for my home?

Charleston Exteriors LLC services the entire South Carolina area, mostly coastal. From Hilton Head, Charleston & Myrtle Beach, Charleston Gutter Company provides gutter materials & installation, windows & installation, vinyl siding and pressure washing of your home. Charleston Exteriors LLC can make suggestions and identify problems in regards to your exterior home service needs.

What are the costs involved?

There is no real set costs when it comes to Charleston Exteriors LLC services. To get a better picture please fill out our quote form, or contact us.

Are gutters necessary for my house?

In Charleston and surrounding areas everyone knows how hard it can rain sometimes. Gutters help drain hundreds of gallons of rain water off the roof. It helps direct away this water coming into the foundation of your home. Water damage can occur causing wall and ceiling damage. To help prevent this it is suggested to get a gutter system for your house. We serve this need for the Charleston and coastal parts of South Carolina.

How many times should I clean my rain gutters within a year?

Typically a couple of times a year. Of course you should pay attention to the surroundings of your home. Some homes in the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant area are surrounded by trees. If that is the case then cleaning should be often. Usually, getting your gutters clean for each season is preferably.

Do I need to clean my roof even with a leaf protection system?

Normally, it’s recommended to clean off your roof at lease once or twice a year. With the gutter guards you should at least clean or blow the debris and dirt from the screens.

What are my options for Window Replacement?

There are 4 options in Window Replacement with option 1-3 utilizing existing frame and option 4 complete removal and install of a complete window.

  1. Vinyl Insert Replacement Window
  2. Sash Kit Replacement both all wood or Exterior clad/Interior wood Replacement
  3. All wood Replacement Insert or Exterior clad/Interior wood Insert Replacement
  4. All wood or Exterior Clad/Interior wood complete Window Replacement

Will my windows qualify for the Federal Tax Credit?

With the proper Insulated Glass Package, they will qualify.

Does the return on my investment for Replacement Windows merit the Initial Cost?

US Department of Energy reports that most energy is lost through windows and doors. There statistics show that if you have an average Monthly Energy cost of $ 200. and you receive the average 25-35% savings, then you will save between $ 9,562. – $ 13,387. over the next 10 years. Learn more here.

Do I have to do ALL my windows when I consider Window Replacement?

If you do all your windows initially, your return on your investment is a lot quicker. However, you know your finances and if you prefer to do your home in phases, that is okay with our company.